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Many small business owners fail because they struggle to sort out their pricing structure to maximise sales and profit. You could set a price you think is right, but price too high and you won’t sell your product or service. Price it too low and you’ll soon run out of cash.

Pricing is a balancing act. It’s subjective. There are no hard and fast rules about how much people will pay for what they get. You know that just from going round the supermarkets – one tin of beans is more costly than another. There are reasons for the differences but one thing is for sure each manufacturer knows how much money they will make on every tin of beans sold. I have written this book to help you to know your beans!

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So many entrepreneurs fail or aren’t as successful as they could be because they don’t know what price to charge to make the profit they need.

Don’t let that happen to you!  Pricing is NOT a black art – you can learn it (even if you don’t like numbers).

I’ve written this book so you can “know your beans”.  It’s jargon free (almost) and easy to follow.

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